Don’t you wish that sometimes your legs were just a little bit longer? We found a new, wonderfully sneaky way to look taller. Say Hello to Longer Legs is a lift you hide inside your shoes. They come in three sizes: 3/4", 1.5" and 2". We hear they’re a secret celebs use to make their legs look so enviably long, so we decided to try them out for ourselves.

We first wore the 3/4" heel in our boots and were impressed by how comfortable they were. The top part of the heel has a really foamy pad that sits under your heel and extends to about mid-foot. The lift didn’t slip at all and we wore it all day without any pain or discomfort.

Even though wearing heels can be tiring on your feet, these "heels" felt pillowy, and we enjoyed not having to sacrifice comfort to gain some extra height. When we wore them, we instantly felt a little more confident and stood up straighter. This size is perfect for a pair of sneakers when running errands in your favorite athleisure look. 

Next, we tried the 1.5" heel. These had the same cushiony feel and the added height it gave us was noticeable. We recommend putting these in boots or ankle booties so they don’t show. 

Last, we tried the 2" heel. These were awesome, but we felt that we had to lean forward a little bit more and our feet ached slightly by the end of the day. Still – such a great alternative if you’re looking to add height but without the commitment of a heel. Put these in your rainboots, snowboots or comfy tall boot for an added boost AND extra long slimmer legs. We kind of felt like an effortless supermodel in these.


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