Guys have had their share of bad hair days. When ours was teased to the max, theirs was shaped like a mushroom. When we were obssessing over our crimpers (if you have one, save it because crimped hair is still in style), they were frosting their tips. While I’m happy to leave those hairstyles in the past, there’s one that’s coming back that I love, and I’m coining it the Dapper ‘Do.  

The slicked hairstyle is inspired by Old Hollywood’s leading men like Carey Grant, and it’s every bit as groomed and elegant as they were. It represents a true look of a gentlemen, and if you’re not convinced your guy can pull off the "Mad Men" style, take a cue from Justin Timberlake. He’s been wearing his hair like this since the start of his 20/20 Experience Tour, and he looks sexier than ever.

Clearly, this look requires some styling product and a haircut, so I met with Paul Wilson (see photo below!), Creative Director of American Crew and a stylist at Chicago’s Art + Science Salon, to give you the scoop on how to get it right. 

1. Ask your stylist for a "detail cut," Paul says. "We’re seeing a return to the art of barbering, and the key for the cut is to have meticulous parameters around the edges."

2. The key styling product you need to get the stiff, high-shine finish required of this look is a pomade. Paul swears by this one, and now I’ve turned my husband onto it as well. You take a big scoop, spread it in your hands and press into towel-dried hair, including the sections arounds the ears. The last step is to run your hands over strands to set all the hairs in place.     

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