Fitness trends are just about as, well, trendy as fashion and beauty trends. They vary from coast to coast and there’s always a trainer coming out with the next best body-perfecting method. Treadmills and weight-training machines are a thing of the past. It’s all about interactive, method-specific choreography to burn fat and sculpt muscles and tissue in an innovative way. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ways to tighten your tush, we present you with the “it” fitness trends of 2012.



The mind-body approach was developed on Chicago’s Northshore by Vince Vaughn’s mother, Shea Vaughn. Her method blends the values of Eastern and Western values. SheaNetics is a combination of yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, and ballet mixed with Tri-Core Power Training, which promotes core development. The physical exercise is combined with tools for spiritual health to encourage overall well-being. Fitness DVDs are available on her website.


Tracy Anderson

Los Angeles/New York City

She’s the personal trainer of celebs including Gwenyth Paltrow, Gisele Bundchen, Coutrney Cox, Molly Sims and Kate Hudson—basically all stars known for their amazing bodies. Tracy has studio locations in LA, NYC and London, but you can also use the method at home with her fitness program: Metamorphosis. The method is customized based on your body type and excercises are constantly changing to keep muscles challenged.


Grace Somatomorphic Technique (GST)

Los Angeles

Anna Rahe developed GST through her own quest to self-heal. The five body systems are actively used during exercise: Central Nervous System, Muscular System, Skeletal System, Respiratory System, and Fascia System. The body is constantly moving, rather than holding postures or positions. The technique claims to “reprogram” your body and “over-write your body’s natural poor habits.” There are in-studio classes in LA as well as technique DVDs available online.

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