I remember the days of playing Pretty Pretty Princess—whoever stacked up the most jewels by the end of the game was crowned the prettiest princess. Little girls and women alike find ways to ice anything and everything on their bodies. From our crowns and ears, to our necks and fingers, to even our Queen V’s, no area is left unfrosted. But unless you’re a queen, or a 4 year old playing Pretty Pretty Princess, wearing a tiara, 10 rings, 7 cuffs, 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings is just downright tacky. While Kim Kardashian
drips herself in more diamonds in the pursuit of her fairytale ending, us common folk have the celebrity jewelry trend, “hand bracelets,” to keep our princess dreams satiated.

Stars including Katy Perry, Giuliana Rancic and Victoria Justice are adorning their palms with this statement piece by Prive Jewellery (pictured above right), which is a cross between a bracelet cuff and a tiara. And even this past week, Nicole Scherzinger wore an eye-catching hand bracelet on “X Factor.” Would you wear this trend? We want to know. Vote below!


  • I’d wear it! This accessory makes a cool fashion statement. (89 votes)
  • No way. Not feeling this trend. (32 votes)

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