We’d never seen a product with a name like this one: Dr. DC’s Placenta Wash Powder ($65). Obviously, we had to try it. The eye-catching key ingredient is placenta, the sack that protects the baby during pregnancy. We didn’t research how the company acquires this organ, but we do know placenta has high amounts of vitamins and minerals, so it’s supposed to be good for skin. The other natural ingredients in this formula are papaya enzyme and herbs, and they work together to exfoliate skin and to diminish the look of acne scars.

To apply, pour the contents of the packet into your palm, add enough water to the powder to generate a foam, gently scrub your face and then rinse off. We were surprised by how well it cleansed our skin. But beware: when activated with the water, the face wash takes on an interesting smell.

Would you cleanse your face with a unique ingredient like placenta?

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