Photo Credit: I was honored to be included among this group, and being that the Selfie was the topic at hand, we felt it appropriate to take our own. Pictured above from left to right: Susanna Negovan, Dr. David Kim, Dr. Steven Dayan, Dr. Laura Berman (who I was especially excited to meet after watching her share her advice on Oprah for so many years as well as countless other shows) and me.

Last night I was out of my element. It was me in a room full of plastic surgeons who came in town from all over the world for the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery conference held at the Chicago Sheraton Towers. On any other day, these are the doctors us civilians would seek out for advice and consultations. However, this time around all eyes were on me and the three other experts, psychologist Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D. and facial plastic surgeons Dr. David Kim and Dr. Steve Dayan. You may be wondering what the ef I was doing on a panel with these renown doctors. We were brought together to share our insights on a very relevant topic that’s influencing how people from children to adults see themselves. The topic at hand: SELFIES & Surgery: The Influence of the Digital World on Rhinoplasty. Susanna Negovan, the editor and publisher of SPLASH, moderated the panel discussion, and I have to say, I walked away very inspired and enlightened, so I wanted to share a few of my biggest takeaways. 

1.The power of the Selfie and its influence on self-esteem. These days, our self worth is dominated by the number of "likes" a photo receives on instagram or facebook.

2. Our perception of beauty is no longer rooted in reality. In the past we put celebs and models on a pedestal because they looked flawless in the magazines. Today there are filters, apps and angles that allow everyone to look airbrushed. As a result, we’re presenting an improved, yet unrealistic version of ourselves to the world. So when we look at our own selfies, our true reflection never lives up to the photo. And when we compare ourselves to others, we strive to achieve a beauty that is unattainable. 

3. The Selfie is creating a slippery slope when it comes to how young is too young to get cosmetic procedures. The most obvious example being 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, who recently admitted to getting lip injections.

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