No matter your relationship status on Valentine’s Day, here are some ways to enjoy the sweetest holiday of the year.

For Moms:

As a child, every Valentines Day, my mom would write me a little love letter that she’d tuck into my lunch box or backpack before school. Yes, I got plenty of Valentine’s and candy grams from my classmates, but I so looked forward to finding these cute notes reminding me that I was her Valentine that day and every day! Consider writing a love letter to your child on the 14th. Even if your son or daughter hasn’t quite reached the reading stage, that’s okay. Save these notes to share with your child when they’re a little older and can appreciate them. I’m a lot older now and still have mine!




For The Single Ladies:

If you’re living the single life like me, do something to give yourself some extra loving this year! We have one a day a year set aside for celebrating love, but according to this recent Huffington Post article, the practice of Bhakti Yoga encourages showing yourself love 365 days a year. Maybe Bhakti Yoga isn’t your everyday wellness go-to, but the idea behind this practice, which is to love yourself and those around you more, is definitely worth an hour of my time. Namaste!


For The Girlfriend/Wife:

Take some of the pressure off you and your hubby this Valentine’s Day by gifting them a universal favorite, Hershey’s kisses, with a personal twist. Write out a ‘wish’ for your partner on mini slips of paper and tie them onto the individual kisses using ribbon or string, placing all of them into a jar for them to enjoy for the day and weeks to come! Hershey’s not their thing? No problem, any candy or treat will do, and every time they reach for a little sweet pick me up, they’ll think of you.

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