One of the biggest beauty issues my readers tell me they face during the summer is frizzy hair. I’ve tried to tackle this concern in many posts with a variety of products and techniques such as hair oil, mousse, how-to’s and even offered giveaways for a flat iron and a complete hair care regimen.

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However, if you’re fed up with poof and want to eliminate it for good, another option is to trade in the D.I.Y. options for pro hair treatments like the Brazilian Blowout. This is the newest frizz-eliminating service on salon menus and it’s gaining a lot of celebrity attention. Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan are just some of the stars doing it.

You may have heard of Japanese straightening, a chemical-based treatment that was all the rage years ago. Unlike Japanese straightening, which offers results that last up to six months but can damage hair or flatten it if in the wrong hands, the Brazilian Blowout uses proteins that smooth and protect each strand. Think of it as a condom for your hair. Whether that image grosses you out or not, you’ll be happy to know the formaldehyde-free process is totally healthy for your mane, protects locks from hot tools and there’s no downtime. The fact that you can jump in the pool immediately after the treatment is the main advantage to choosing the Brazilian Blowout over other popular protein-based hair treatments like a Keratin treatment, which prevents you from showering or using hair elastics for three days post service. I have to say, the Brazilian Blowout sounds a lot less intimidating than other Brazilian named beauty services I’ve tried, and all it takes is 90 minutes of your time to get shiny, frizz-free hair for up to three months.

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