Bronzers and self tanners are great for giving the appearance of a sun-kissed face, but they don’t actually work to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. We recently received a sample of Rena Revivo’s Spa De Soleil’s Instant Glow moisturizer ($69.99). Our first time hearing about the product, we didn’t know what to expect. The formula is said to reduce discoloration and soften your skin’s texture with a combination of vitamins, organic oils and amino acids.

I applied the Instant Glow to my face and neck in the morning before makeup. It’s a creamy moisturizer and has a subtle sweet smell. For best results, suggested use is a minimum of six weeks. I’m in my fourth week and already my face is softer and I feel like I’m needing less makeup to feel more confident about my complexion. With summer approaching, sheer skin with minimal makeup is the goal. So far, the Instant Glow is proving to be the best product to get me there.

posted by Elizabeth

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