Whether you’re a Dynasty or a Disney Princess fan, there’s no denying your proclivity for sparkle. We all grow up, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up on glitter. We just have to recalibrate how we wear it. When you’re younger (I’m talking 20s and below), pretty much anything goes. It’s your time to experiment with makeup. Who doesn’t have that monumental photo that you look back at 10 years later and say to yourself, "I can’t believe I went out looking like that!"

I’ve realized the same doesn’t apply once you hit your 30s (and become a mom). The thought of sprinkling glitter, which isn’t the same as shimmer, on my face seemed juvenile. Then I met with MAC Pro Makeup Artist Keri at the new MAC store on Michigan Ave. Sitting in the small makeup room tucked in the back of the store, I saw first-hand that I don’t have to forget the fun side of makeup just because I’m getting older. Instead, it’s all about application. With New Year’s Eve around the corner, we decided this was the perfect occassion for glitter. With just a few products, Keri gave me a sophisticated, sexy, and sparkly lip look that’s age appropriate. Even better, it brings all of the attention to your lips, ensuring a memorable New Year’s kiss.

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