You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of YUNI Beauty, the first yoga-inspired beauty brand to hit the market. You just have to sweat. With products like shower sheets, no-shower cleansing foam, muscle recovery gel, and essential-oil infused body balm, the brand is making it much easier to workout, rinse off and go.

To see if a “dry shower” with these products post workout would do the trick, we tested them out after an hour-and-a-half vinyasa yoga class. This particular class is set in a warm (not hot) room, and the movements flowed quickly from start to finish. By the last “ohm,” we were glowing with a few sweat beads but weren’t nearly as sweaty as we would be from a spin class. 

We started with the Shower Sheets, oversized wipes that deodorize and whisk away sticky sweat. We used them on our arms torso and underarms and were pleased with the fresh scent. It reminded us of peppermint and neem (they’re made with 100% natural aromas). To our satisfaction, they left us feeling kinda like we had just taken a shower and put on deodorant — especially after using on our underarms, where we were the sweatiest. Even hours after our practice, we were suprised at how unbothered we were that we hadn’t showered. These wipes are definitely good to have on hand post workout, but we’d even keep a package in the car and at the office because they’re convenient for whenever you need a quick fresher upper. 

Next, we tried the All-Purpose Body Balm. Knowing that the main ingredients are shea butter and organic kukui seed oil, we expected it to feel oily, but we were wrong. The balm was soft and not at all greasy. In fact it blended in nicely and smelled good. We found it to be especially good for our heels after a rough class, as well as our elbows from the headstands in yoga. 

The next day we took another class and then tried the No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam. It served the same purpose as the Shower Sheets, but we felt like it left a sticky residue on our body. It smelled great, but we prefer the sheets.

We also tried the Muscle Recovery Gel. It has the same effect (on a smaller scale) of Icy-Hot because the peppermint is extremely strong and has an intense cooling effect. We made the mistake of putting it on muscles that weren’t that sore, which proved to be a bit uncomfortable for the next hour-and-a-half. But, if you are sore, this is a great product to use, especially if you want a natural alternative to a drugstore product. The formula uses peppermint and arnica to relieve muscles. 

The mission of YUNI is to enhance and prolong the feeling of a yoga practice, and the brand definitely achieves that. The aromas alone were calming and made us feel relaxed even long after our class. That said, regardless if you’re into yoga, these products can be put to good use whenever you need to rinse off in a flash. 

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