Before we leave this month behind, it’s worth noting that June is Scleroderma Awareness Month. There’s an estimated 300,00 people in the United States living with the disease, which is common among women. “Scleroderma (sclaire-row-DER-ma) is a disease that can cause thickening, hardening, or tightening of the skin, blood vessels and internal organs.” If this sounds familiar to you, it may be because celebrities like Bob Saget, who lost his sister to the disease, have raised a lot of awareness for it. There’s no cure yet but there are treatments and plenty of ways we can support the cause. My favorite is The Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma Walk. I did the 3-mile walk this past weekend in Highland Park, IL. with my friends and family and we laughed and yapped the entire way. To donate and learn more about the walk so you can organize your own or register for one near you, visit the Scleroderma Foundation website. Go Team Fleisher! P.S. I would have posted pictures, but we were having so much fun walking, we forgot to take them. Whoops.

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