What began as a natural coffee scrub in Australia turned into a full-blown, coffee-based skincare line that’s now available in the states.

Before you write off Frank Body as just another beauty line, trust us, it’s not. This cult beauty brand started with three founders whose story basically reads as a movie script. Co-founders Erika Geraerts, Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson were longtime friends who were working at their own content marketing startup when Bree’s boyfriend, Steve, tipped them off to something. Steve, who owned several coffee shops across Melbourne, noticed one customer in particular was requesting old coffee grounds, citing its exfoliating and cellulite-reducing benefits.

After plenty of research, they realized that nobody was making a coffee scrub (with the exception of DIY recipes) so they took their idea and ran with it. Turns out, their concept was spot on — one Frank Body scrub sells every 39 seconds!

The line started with the coffee scrub and has since expanded to include moisturizers, cleansers, and more. All of the products are made with all-natural, coffee-based ingredients. You’ll either love or hate the smell, but what had us smitten is the brand’s sassy attitude. It embodies our mantra "Beauty Shouldn’t Be A Bitch." The packaging is clean and the marketing is witty, sarcastic and at times a bit tastefully inappropriate in the best way. It’s refreshing to have another beauty brand enter the field that doesn’t take itself too seriously, is current and transparent. I’m all for being a part of this coffee culture! 

For the Frank Body launch event at The Little Goat in Chicago, we enjoyed a yummy brunch on the roof, chatted with the founders, and took home the newest products before they hit U.S. shelves.

We were gifted the Creamy Face Cleanser, Body Balm, Body Cream, Everyday Face Moisturizer, Creamy Face Scrub and Body Scrub. See below for a product rundown. 

Creamy Face Cleanser: This gray facial cleanser smells of natural patchouli and gets rid of oil.

Body Balm: The verdict is still out on this body balm. It’s really runny and comes out kind of chunky. Once you rub it on, it feels smooth, but takes forever to dry before you can comfortably put your clothes back on.

Body Cream: It has a shea butter base and is incredible used post-body scrub. It’s thick and moisturizing and smells awesome.

Everyday Face Moisturizer: Face moisturizers can be sensitive because so many people have different skin, but this moisturizer is amazingly light and very calming. Perfect for summer months when humidity is our #1 enemy.

Creamy Face Scrub: It has a clay base and can be used once or twice a week to exfoliate skin.

Body Scrub: The verdict is still out as to whether or not it actually reduces cellulite, but it does leave your skin feeling extra soft and smooth. Note: in the shower, it gets pretty messy, so expect little coffee grounds to be sprinkled on the shower floor. Besides that, this scrub lives up to the hype.

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