Everyone loves falling in love, especially when it comes to falling in love with beauty products. Antrodia New York skincare makes it easy to feel infatuated with their high-quality sheet masks. Sheet masks are good for more than just a silly Instagram post. They’re relaxing and filled with nutrients for your skin. To enter to win Antrodia’s entire product line, which even includes a box for the boys, scroll down!

The key ingredient in these treatments is Antrodia Cinnamomea. It’s a mushroom found in the trunks of 200-year-old trees in Taiwan, and it’s famous for fighting free radicals, which are the bad guys that cause aging.

Up for grabs are 24 masks in total! 3 six-packs for the girls, which includes a box of Radiance & Repair, Tea Tree and Professional. Plus a six-pack of the men’s sheet mask for the guys.

Antrodia’s signature product is the Radiance & Repair mask, which maximizes moisture retention and aims to hydrate. The Tea Tree Radiance mask is all about detoxification, using ingredients such as tea seed oil to unclog pores and soothe inflammation. For those who need a quick fix, the Professional Rapid Response mask provides an intense burst of moisture and antrodia essence for a more youthful glow. Of course, the men’s mask is designed to make sure his skin gets some TLC, too. 

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