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One of the hottest beauty ingredients is Activated Charcoal, and for good reason. It can remedy lots of ailments such as clogged pores and even a hangover.

Activated charcoal is that black gooey stuff that’s been popping up in products from face scrub to deodorant. Biore, Origins, Clinique and Yes To are some of the first beauty brands to embrace this hard-working ingredient. The black color looks far from purifying, but the medicinal activated charcoal traps toxins and chemicals through its millions of pores. For decades, activated charcoal has been used to safely treat alcohol and drug overdoses. The kind that’s formulated in beauty products is made from coconut shells and other natural sources. It’s safe, non-toxic and highly effective. But did you know this ingredient has some other less obvious uses that can come in handy? Read on to find out! P.S. For these DIYs you’ll need to purchase activated charcoal powder OR capsules. Or, if you’re not a DIY girl, no worries. We’ve included comparable products you can shop!

1) DIY Face Mask: 

What You’ll Need: 
1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal powder
1/2 teaspoon water
1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel
A few drops of tea tree oil (optional) 

Mix this together and apply to your face with a Q-tip for a wonderful skin detox. Let the mask dry and wash off gently. 

Making this concoction yourself will save you time, money and ensure that your mask is free of chemicals. BUT if you aren’t a DIY girl we suggest trying out Lush Dark Angels Facial Cleanser

2) DIY Matte Eyeliner:

Matte makeup is having a moment, and we’ve seen heavy charcoal liners grace the likes of every major Fashion Week SS16. To create your very own matte coal eyeliner, dip a brush in water, mix in some activated charcoal powder, and swish around until you reach a paste-like consistency. Paint it on for a cool cat eye, an under-eye liner or use it to enhance a winter smokey eye. 

If you aren’t a DIY girl, we recommend this NARS Kohl Eyeliner. It will give you the same matte effect and keep you up to date with this season’s trends.

3) Kill a hangover:

While there is no better remedy for a hangover than water, rest and healthy food, activated charcoal capsules CAN help absorb some of the alcohol from your system. Many recommend taking charcoal pills after every drink you consume while others say to take one or two capsules before, during and after you’re drinking. The charcoal absorbs the harmful toxins that cause your hangover in the first place, so it’s something to know about before New Year’s. Always consult with your doctor before taking a pill, no matter how natural it may be.

4) DIY Teeth Whitener: 

Using the same bulk activated charcoal you’ve been using, dip the face of your toothbrush in the powder and brush like you would a toothpaste. You may look like a Halloween nightmare in the mirror, but your teeth will instantly look whiter. Do this before you brush your teeth with toothpaste for the best results.

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