I’ve fallen for rings that are a tad too big and earrings that feel like elephants on my ears. Instead of admitting the fit wasn’t perfect, I made them mine in the heat of the moment. I do love looking at them, but the truth is I hardly wear these jewels because they just aren’t comfortable. Then BlingGuard entered my life. Two of their products, BlingDot and BlingWrap ($14.99 ea.), are made to alleviate the discomfort of too large and too loose jewelry. The BlingWrap keeps rings from slipping, sliding and twisting on your finger. We tried it out and the application is simple. Just remove the strip from the package, wrap it around your desired finger, and let the ring sit on top. The band can add 1+ sizes to a wearer’s finger, and we couldn’t even tell it was there. We really appreciated that it caters to a wide range of both hand and ring shapes and is simultaneously discrete. Here’s my former intern Elizabeth trying out both.

BlingDots are designed to keep your earrings in place. They work with hoops, studs, or oversized chandeliers. Super easy to apply, these tiny padded dots are placed on the back of your earlobe to relieve the pressure of your earrings.

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