miami-aquavanaCall me a spa snob. It’s a casualty of being a beauty editor. From investigating exotic spa resorts to going undercover at new day retreats, let’s just say it takes more than the smooth sounds of Enya and a plush robe to impress me. After years of “practice” evaluating facilities, customer service and treatments, I feel way more at home on a massage table than on a driving range.So, when I visited the 8-month-old Canyon Ranch Spa in Miami Beach, I had high expectations. Not only were the robes luxurious; the futuristic wet area with plunge pool, saunas and hot and cold steams was a hole-in-one.For my treatment, I chose a facial. The esthetician did the usual steps like cleansing and exfoliating but my favorite part was when she smoothed on a light mask that quickly quenched my thirsty skin. The mask is part of Canyon Ranch’s new skincare line, which doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oils, alcohol or artificial dyes. What it does have is a form of Niacin, which repairs skin as well as hydrators and antioxidants such a goji berry and blueberry.As you know, my mantra is beauty shouldn’t be a bitch. So, even if you’re someone who doesn’t normally bother with masks because they’re too messy or time consuming, don’t write me off just yet. The Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Recovery Intensive Moisture Mask (the name is more complicated than it’s application) is a simple overnight treatment that’s way less annoying than flossing and is recommended two or three times a week. After washing up for bed, you just apply a thin layer to your face, neck and décolleté. The night I flew back to Chicago I gave it a whirl. When I woke up, I gained a new understanding of the term beauty sleep. My skin felt baby soft and the appearance of fine lines on my forehead and eyes had wilted away.canyon-ranch-recovery-moisture-maskBecause I love the thrill of scoring really cool free stuff, I wanted to share that rush with you. I’m offering BG followers the chance to win a full-size bottle of the new Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Recovery Intensive Moisture Mask, which retails for $95!Want to win? Subscribe to by clicking on “Subscribe / RSS”. After you sign up, email me ( your name and address and the mode you’ve chosen (text, email, etc.) to get your BG updates. I’ll randomly select 5 names that show up in my inbox and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be one of the lucky people who find a little present waiting at your doorstep. Winners will be selected and notified by July 2.

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