While we may be in the dog days of summer, you don’t have to smell like one. I’ve already offered suggestions on how to keep your body parts above the belt and below the belt as squeaky clean as June Cleaver. Now, I’m going to tackle the last potential summer hazard that could make your day less than picture-perfect – stinky feet.

Silver Linings shoe insertsBeing that I’m preggo and have to stay off my tootsies, I enlisted my dedicated intern Cody with the task of testing out Silver Linings, shoe inserts that claim to absorb odor and moisture. While they’ve got a cute name and they look more stylish than other odor eaters that have been around for ages, this is a case where fashion must meet function.

So, to see if the technology in these soles really worked, Cody slipped the liners into her ballet flats before leaving her house in the morning. Her initial findings: “They felt so discreet, I forgot I had them on until I wiggled my toes during lunch and realized how dry and odor-free my feet were. Usually, after just a couple hours of being sockless in my shoes I feel like I need to douse my toes in baby powder.”

It’s been a few weeks since Cody first started using the ultra-thin inserts (three come in a pack, each pair should last two-three weeks), and she calls this trial a success. Er, I should say, a step in the right direction.

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