With names including Alyssa Millano, President Barack Obama, and Isaac Mizrahi on her past client list, I had to take advantage of my time in her makeup chair and find out some of her best beauty secrets. 

What are your best makeup secrets that are easy to do but make a big impact?
Keep your inner eye clean and add a bit of shimmer to really make your eyes pop. In addition, depending on the foundation you use, try a different applicator. Some foundations work and blend better with a brush (play with different shapes and sizes), sponge (wet or dry), or with your fingers. You will be so surprised at how your skin will reflect the application that works best for you.

You work with a lot of TV personalities and celebs. What’s your trick for making skin look flawless. Especially with HDTV now, how do you do it?
Cover what needs to be covered. Don’t pile on makeup all over your face and finish with a light dusting of fine powder. I also like to keep a little natural flush in the skin…so it never looks like a mask.

You work with a million products. Are there a few tools or specific products that are your absolute favorites?
I love Lorac glosses, Makeup Forever HD primer, Bobbi Brown waterproof gel eyeliner, and Benefit’s Dallas bronzer.

Are there certain colors you know will always look great on certain skin tones?

I typically try to match a client’s natural tone. This may sound a little crazy, but I ask them to look inside their lower lip. Is it more blue, pink or coral? This shows me which direction to go when it comes to color choice. 
If there were one or two tips you could give to women when it comes to makeup, what would they be? 

If you don’t have a clue about make up, start out by first finding the right concealer–the one with the right amount of moisture, color, and coverage. Concealer is the most important product because when applied correctly, it can make all the difference in the world. Second, know where to powder. It’s okay to have a little glow on your cheeks, but be sure to prevent shine on your upper lip and forehead. 


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