Lots of products are marketed to do amazing things, and here’s one that actually delivers. Mederma isn’t new or sexy (it’s meant to heal scars), however it is pretty powerful. The other day we had a run-in with our curling iron that left us with a small burn on our forearm. To help heal the wound, we started applying the clear gel religiously, and by the end of the week, our mark had faded. Even more impressive are these before and after photos of our friend’s son. He took a nasty fall and skinned his face pretty bad. His mom first applied sunblock and then slathered on Mederma For Kids. After making this a habit for eight weeks, the scar on his nose was impossible to see.

P.S. We’ve discovered another worthy use for Mederma. If you get a pimple, dot it on the problem and surrounding skin. We found that it actually works to rid the zit and calm redness.

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