Here’s part two of my sit-down with Rachel Zoe. Click here to watch part 1. Scroll down for links to Rachel’s favorite beauty products and places to shop.

TBG: I think our boys are around the same age. So, I gotta ask, how do you do it all?

Rachel: Did you see the bags under my eyes?

TBG: I actually don’t! So what’s the beauty product that you’re using?

Rachel: Lots and lots of serums and moisturizers and oils and peeling balms. I literally soak my face in moisture all of the time because it’s crazy I use a lot of Tata Harper. I’m obsessed with it. I use Arcona. I use so many different products. But, mostly natural and organic and tarte maracuja oil. I love all of that. I can’t get enough of it. I use it on the plane and everything. But, doing it all, the answer is that I’m still figuring it out. It’s a lot. As you know. I feel guilty either way, I hardly ever leave them.

TBG: Are they (the kids) in Chicago now?

Rachel: They’re not, I’m gone for 48 hours. If it’s more than 48 hours then I take them.

TBG: What’s your typical day in the life?

Rachel: I wake up when Skylar wakes up. So, whenever Skylar’s up, I’m up. I’ve been up at the same time as him since the day he was born. In other words, I haven’t slept past 6AM in 3 years and 8 months.

TBG: And what time do you go to bed?

Rachel: Depends…I mean, if I’m not going out then I will be in bed on my computer around 9. If I’m out for work or whatever, I mean, or have insomnia about work, then I go to bed at 1 or 2 or you know. Thankfully, I have not required a lot of sleep in my life but you know I’m tired. There’s no doubt I’m tired.

Nicole: So you’re human **laughs**

Rachel: **laughing** I’m most definitely human. And you know, as far as the working mom thing, I talk to Robin (DreamDry co-founder) about it all of the time. It’s like you know I love my job but my kids are my life. I’m a full time mom 100%, and I also work full time. I love both, and my kids are my life. I just take them with me. It’s just a balance and every day is different. There’s no answer you know.

TBG: That’s so good to hear.

Rachel: There is no answer, you just have to take each day.

TBG: It’s hard to find cute clothes for boys. Where do you shop for them?

Rachel: No. It just forces you to be more creative. I think Ralph Lauren is amazing, Burberry’s amazing, Gucci is amazing but then…I love the kind of off the beaten path labels like Nico Nico. Um, there’s a lot of bohemian very kind of West Coasty kid’s lines. I love GAP Kids, it’s fantastic. I do, I literally go in there like a crazy person and just go “oh my god”. I love Serena and Lily. I love getting pajamas from there. So I really get things from everywhere. Crew Cuts is adorable. I mean, I’m a lunatic with my kid’s clothes. It’s crazy.

TBG: I see on Instagram.

Rachel: It’s a problem. It’s a little bit of a problem. But it’s so much more fun to buy for them than for me, truth be told. I had a really long time to shop for me, the last 3 and a half years have been about them.


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