Wondering what’s in? Watch my latest appearance on Windy City LIVE. I’ve rounded up the top beauty trends you need to know. P.S. To watch the video, click "read more" below. You’ll also see shopping links in the text below for all of the products I featured.

1. TREND: Virtual Beauty Concierge Using the Internet, consumers can now get VIP access to over 110 salons and spas in Chicago. This trend is blowing up in the states, and PrettyQuick is the first company to bring custom booking to our city. PrettyQuick enables you to book a beauty treatment based on what matters to you — time, location, reputation, or price. You’ll always be able to get your desired service at the last minute, score appointments that would normally take months to get and even get discounts when you book during off-peak times. **DEAL FOR WCL VIEWERS: Enter the code “beautytrends” upon registering, and you’ll get a $15 credit that you can use toward your next beauty treatment. Consider this a free manicure! www.prettyquick.com

2. TREND: Blow Dry Bars & Dry Conditioner The answer to never having a bad hair day again is the blow dry bar. Unlike full-service salons that offer cuts, color, and the works, this concept offers one, and only one, service — the blowout. A bunch have opened in Chicago from Blowtique, which was the first, to Blow by Blow and the most recent newcomer, Dry Bar. All offer a menu of styles from curly to straight, up or down, and deliver salon-quality hair in a fraction of the time and for half the cost of traditional salons. Now that you’ve gotten the perfect blowout, the hottest new must-have beauty product to know about is Dry Conditioner. You spray it on hair from mid-shaft to ends, and it instantly detangles, freshens, fluffs locks so you can squeeze a few more days out of your blowout. Two to try: Oscar Blandi and Oribe

3. TREND: Manscaping Blame it on the likes of David Beckham and the cast of “The Jersey Shore” — or not — but guys are getting more comfortable with going bare and grooming a range of body parts from brows to butt cheeks and everything in between. Apparently it gives them confidence, and they’re enjoying the convenience of not having to shave as often. In reaction to manscaping becoming more mainstream, Bliss spa created the He-Wax, a customizable wax service. It’s become a popular treatment, drawing in clients including lawyers, ad execs and business men. For any men who want to give this trend a try at home, the bliss poetic waxing kit provides all the tools you need (strips, wax, instructions, etc.). It can be used on the face and body and is a unisex product.  

4. TREND: High-Tech Anti-Aging Devices Instead of waiting months to see results from slathering on anti-aging creams and serums, companies are introducing at-home anti-aging devices that provide immediate results. One is the NuFace Trinity. It’s FDA approved and uses a microcurrent to lift and tone the skin. The results are cumulative, which helps to justify the $325 retail price. Or, you can experience this treatment at The Spa at the Dana Hotel. They offer the NuFace Natural Lift Facial, which incorporates the hand-held device into the facial. The service leaves you with plumper, more youthful looking skin, and the results last 72 hours. Another at-home product that launched this month and is only $30 is the illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask. It’s FDA-approved and uses red and infrared light just like professional in-office treatments to stimulate collagen production and even skin tone. The hands-free mask slips on easily and all you have to do is press power while it works its magic for 15 minutes. You get 30 treatments from one mask and can find it at Walgreens, Target and Ulta, to name a few. P.S. They also offer a mask that uses red and blue light to treat and prevent acne. 

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