What were your top 5 fashion and beauty discoveries this summer? Here are mine…

1. Hat: Most sunhats are either too big for my head or too floppy. J Crew got it right with this Textured Straw Hat. It gives me the best kind of shade, and it’s under $35!

2. Skin: Summer is synonymous with sunblock. My absolute favorite is Rodan + Fields Reverse Sunblock SPF 50. It’s the first formula I’ve found that feels more like a moisturizer, doesn’t smell or cause breakouts and my hubby is equally obsessed. Every other sunblock gets caught in his facial hair and leaves him with a milky shadow on his face. But this one absorbs right in. I love it so much, you can buy it here: www.nicolepearl.myrandf.com.

When it comes to rinsing off your sunblock, I’m all about Dove’s Beauty Bar and Body Wash. There’s even a limited-edition summer scent!

3. Photos: Polaroids make a party but now that the film has been discontinued, a new camera has taken over. The Instant Film Camera is the hottest shot in town and has earned quite a following in the fashion scene. It will not only capture all of your favorite moments, it will make you look cool while doing so. Urban Outtfiters has an increasingly amazing selection that goes beyond all of your photography wants and needs. 

4. Hydration: Somehow the designers behind the bkr water bottle have made a water bottle sexy. It’s reusable, which is hot in and of itself, but beyond that, it’s the hippest version of a canteen out right now, and it comes in an assortment of colors.

5. Sunnies: Heart-shaped sunglasses are so last year. I’m loving all of the new funky shapes from octagons to cat-eyes.



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