Sharing a sweatshirt or oversized t-shirt with your boyfriend or hubby is fun and all, but leggings? Ladies, hold onto your favorite pants substitute because meggings (leggings for men) are hitting the streets and runways as one of the biggest new trends of the season. Squeezed into by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Russell Brand, and Lenny Kravitz, meggings appear to be making their mark on the Hollywood set. But what about real guys giving tight pants a try?

Apparently labels like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel think they should, because both stores are offering the look this season. And these bottoms aren’t reserved just for adult men. Check out this version created for baby boys by designer Little Titans. I have to say, these little ones do look adorable in their leg-wear! Only time will tell whether this fashion statement is either a ‘do’ or a major ‘don’t’ but personally, unless you’re taking the stage as a ballet dancer, acting in a Shakespearian play, or under two years old, just say no to tights, guys.


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posted by Elizabeth

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