glitter eye makeupGlitter is not the first thing adult women think of for eye makeup. But don’t rule it out: adding a little sparkle can brighten up your face beautifully. The key is finding the right product. We recently discovered these Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Glitter cream shadows and have loved the results. The crazy part is each one is $0.99! At first glance we thought the shadow would feel like a powder with a rough texture. That was not the case. It’s creamy and soft with tiny glitter flecks that glide on evenly and doesn’t leave you with tons of fallout. To give you some ideas on how to wear glimmer, we’ve created 3 different eye looks. Which one is your favorite? 

1. The first look we created is simple, yet glamorous. Using the silver cream shadow, we took an eyeliner brush and dabbed it into our cream shadow, gently dragging along the upper lash line. We absolutely love how malleable these shadows are and that a little goes a long way.

2. For the second look, we really wanted the entire eye to stand out. We did this by covering the eye lid in a gold eyeshadow. Then, taking the gold cream shadow, I used my finger to lightly dab some of the glitter to the center of my eyelid. This makes the eyes pop and sparkle without looking childish. The great part is that the cream glitter shadow sticks extremely well so there’s no to hold a tissue under your eyes or worry about looking like a disco ball.

3. The last look we created is perfect for brightening the eyes! All I did was apply the white glitter shadow to the inner corner of my eyes with my finger (you could use a brush too). FYI: This is a popular trick makeup artists use on celebs for red carpet appearances.  I love how smooth and non-powdery these shadows are because they make the shadow so easy to apply with your fingers.

 P.S. Click here to find out how to create a sophisticated glitter lip look.


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