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We all wish our skin was as soft as a baby’s. But what about when your baby’s skin doesn’t fit the cliche? My 15-month-old Jasper is the most adorable pudge ball (in my eyes anyway), and while his milky skin is smooth in most areas, it’s bumpy on his thighs, the back of his arms and on the sides of his cheeks. It so happens that Jasper has a very common skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, and a textbook case usually appears in those 3 places. KP occurs when hair follicles on the skin, most commonly on the outside of the arms and legs, get plugged. It’s in the same family as eczema, but typically eczema is more prevalent on the body. 

If your kid has this too, don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt or itch. And they’ll likely grow out of it as they get older, In the mean time, if you do want to treat the bumps, one thing you can do is slather on the right moisturizer after the bath. This Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is a good one to try. It’s made with colloidal oatmeal, which will calm the skin and help to soften the plugs. For teens or adults, dermatologist Kenneth Beer recommends a body wash with salicylic acid (I like this one) to help exfoliate the skin and loosen the plugs. Another tip is to use a humidifer, especially in the winter, because dry air can cause flare-ups. Most people think they’re an eyesore, but I have the Broksonic Hybrid Humidifier in my home and love it. The design is so contemporary, most people think it’s a table-top accessory! 

Do you have a success story for treating Keratosis Pilaris? If so, I want to know, so please comment below. 



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