As you know, my motto is Beauty Shouldn’t Be a Bitch. When it comes to makeup techniques that require skill, like contouring, I take the realistic, doable approach. You won’t be seeing intricate videos showing you how to contour your face like Kim Kardashian. First of all, she has a professional makeup artist shade and blend all of her makeup to cast various shadows on her face and create the illusion of narrower, more defined features. Secondly, a contour job of that extent requires serious time, and unless you’re a narcissist obsessed with selfies, you shouldn’t be spending that much time on your makeup. 

Instead, I’m showing you how to contour, but in a way that’s practical for your everyday. Contouring is really just a way to use makeup to define or sculpt your face. Bascially, it’s creating an optical illusion. Everyone deserves the benefit of enhancing their features, and today you’re going to learn how to do this with a simple trick that won’t take more than a minute. Enjoy the video!

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