My mantra is “beauty shouldn’t be a bitch”, and poor Heidi Montag had to go and make it one. This is what happens when a sweet Colorado girl gets swept up in Hollywood. She literally physically lost her identity. After undergoing a sickening 10 plastic surgeries in one go (she had her boobs and nose first done in 2007), the 23 year old landed the cover of People for all the wrong reasons. She’s looking more like a combo of Cher and other celeb’s body parts (see the resemblance to Angelina Jolie in her brows?) than herself. While she believes these changes will only help achieve her dream of becoming a pop star, the reality star, who clearly isn’t in touch with reality, neglected to realize that paying for Dolly Parton-size bosoms doesn’t mean she’ll suddenly have talent like Dolly’s. That $30,000 wasted on “improvements” would have been more wisely spent on intense therapy sessions, vocal lessons and dance classes. heidi-beforeheidi-montag-320

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