It’s no longer about getting into the hottest nightclubs, but instead the hottest fitness clubs. The boutique gym trend is a lifestyle obsession that has revolutionized the fitness industry, with cycling, bootcamp, yoga, pilates and interval training studios popping up in every U.S. city.

We love the VIP luxe treatment that focused studio concepts offer over chain gyms. Plus, we love that these boutique workouts are not only getting us in shape, they’re turning into social clubs. As worker-outers follow certain instructors and attend the same classes week after week, suddenly the person who always stands to your right and left goes from being a familar face to your group of "Shred Friends."

The New Year always brings motivation to get off to a healthy start, se rounded up the 5 coolest workouts to try, and based on the amount of worshippers they’re receiving, you’ll probably want to stick with.  

1) Studio Lagree

You heard it here first. Lagree pilates is touted as "Pilates on steroids," and one of the trendiest new workouts in the industry. Started in Hollywood, this method combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexbility training in each move. All of the exercises are done on a machine that’s like a souped up Pilates reformer, creating a challenging experience that’s anything but your average Pilates class. If you’re someone who gets bored easily, you won’t be bored by this. Expect your muscles to be sore the next day. 

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2) Interval Training/Bootcamp 

Studios like Shred 415 and Barry’s Bootcamp give a whole new meaning to interval training. Both of these studios rotate between treadmill and strength training throughout the instructor-led class and are designed to target all muscles for a full-body workout. Celebs love Barry’s Bootcamp and rumor has it, its next stop is Chicago.

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3) Barre

Everyone and their mother is obsessed with barre classes; the workout that promises a lean, sculpted dancer’s body. Studios like The Dailey Method, Bar MethodPure Barre and Barre Code are showing up in every major and smaller city across the U.S. This trendy workout visibly tones you and works muscles you didn’t even know you have. Trust us, you’ll be just as obsessed as we are.

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TBG Founder, Nicole Pearl, takes a morning class at The Dailey Method

4) Cycling

SoulCycle has arguably changed the fitness industry through its unique chain of luxe cycling studios, with other studios like Flywheel and Full Psycle following suit. These spin classes have an energy and spiritual element (think: candlelit studios and inspirational instructors) that’s addictive and leaves you feeling less stressed and more positive. All of these workouts typically last 45 minutes and combine a killer cardio routine with arm strength and core work sprinkled throughout each class.

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5) Muscle Confusion Classes

Studios like MYX Fitness, which promises no plateaus by encouraging muscle confusion, will be the new workout of 2016. Although this studio is only located in New York, dedicated fitness lovers can learn a thing or two about the studio’s method: change our muscles by changing it up. Lateral Fitness Chicago does rely on the muscle confustion technique that MYX relies on so you can jump on this new trend now.

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