If you’re tired of being cold and battling dry skin (we are!), get wrapped up in these warming products. 

TBG intern Emma, shown above, keeps her locks hydrated with this thermal hair wrap. There’s no better feeling than a spa-like treatment on a winter day! 

1) Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm ($18) 

Korean Beauty is all the rage and Tony Moly shows us how it’s done. A cult beauty favorite, this product will keep you blackhead-free well beyond the winter. It acts as a steamer to open up your pores and turns into a gel-like texture upon application, making it easier to remove dirt and oil. The egg comes in cute, vibrant-colored packaging that makes you excited each time you re-order.

2) L’Oreal Oleo Therapy Self-Heating Hot Oil ($13)

This self-heating weekly treatment strengthens brittle hair and feels like a salon treatment so you don’t have to venture into the cold.

3) Glove Treat Paraffin Moisturizer for Hands ($30) & Glove Treat Paraffin Moisturizer for Feet ($30)

Slip these on, sit back and relax as this treatment repairs cracked hands and feet. The gloves and booties are each reusable up to four times.

4) Farmaesthetics Warming Oil ($18)

Natural herbs produce heat and work to brighten skin tone and stimulate circulation during or after a shower. The combination of 100 percent natural orange, lavendar and clove are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. 

5) Somme Institute Boost Warming Mask ($40) 

Use one morning or night a week after cleansing your face, and this self-heating mask will open pores and clear out dirt and oil while infusing free-radical fighting antioxidants and minerals into skin. 


6) Bliss Hot Salt Scrub ($38)

This new hot salt scrub is making major waves in the beauty world. It is a self-heating scrub that smells of rosemary and eucalyptus with a super-softening effect. It’s non-greasy and leaves the skin feeling great way past the shower. Wake yourself up with its powerful scent and enjoy the warming sensation on chilly winter mornings.



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