In 2015, we saw the rise of contouring, strobing and baking; colorful liner, thick eyebrows and super dark lips. In 2016, we still love the statement lip and experimenting with our makeup. As we head into spring/summer, it’s all about the au naturel look for the face and contemporary pops of color for the lips and eyes.

We’re not giving up chiseled cheekbones just yet, but we are doing it in a more natural way. Here are the newest beauty trends and interesting techniques you need to know.

1) Tontour:

An easier (and longer lasting) way to contour, tontouring means adding gradual tanning lotion to your cheekbones for a look that’s way more natural. This helps us easily follow the subtle contouring trend for 2016 – and is perfect for the lazy contourer out there. All you need to do is blend self-tanner in the places you’d normally put dark contouring powder/cream.

Source: Cocoa Brown Tan

2) Multi-masking

This multi-tasking trick is a genius new way to target a variety of skin issues at once. Multi-masking allows you to treat the oily skin on your forehead with one mask, for example, and the dark undereye circles with another. It looks like a face mask puzzle but more efficiently addresses all of your your skin needs.

Source: Essence

3) Faux Freckles

All you freckled ladies out there are in luck: freckles are so in that people are starting to apply FAKE freckles to their face. Freck Yourself released freckles you apply just like a temporary tattoo and that go over your makeup to give the illusion of a natural look. To be honest, we haven’t tried this product yet, so if you do, let us know what you think! 

Source: Refinery29

4) Sugaring

Sugaring accomplishes the goal of a body wax but in a natural way – no harsh chemicals, heat or pain. Turns out, sugaring is an ancient Persian technique that has made a total comeback. We’re seeing more and more sugaring studios popping up in NYC. 

Source: Bridal Couture Mag

5) The Bold Pout

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge (and all the media frenzy that surrounded it) was pretty outrageous in 2015, but don’t expect loud lips to be on the outs. Statement lips in shades like candy apple, metallic and even gray were spotted on almost every runway. Even ombre lips are a thing.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar/Byrdie

6) Henna Brow Tinting

Although this technique has been around for years, tinting your brows with henna is now wiggling its way to the mainstream. The benefits? You can go weeks without needing to fill in or shape your brows!


7) Au Naturel Face

The current trend for skin is focused on soft nudes, subtle contouring, flushed cheeks and fresh faces. Key to getting this look right is to not oversculpt your brows; instead use a slightly tinted pomade to brush them back.

Source: Byrdie

8) Blue Shadow/Eye Liner

Every major designer at fashion week went gaga for blue hues. Whether used as an eyeliner, underliner, shadow or full-on lip, blue is the it makeup color. Don’t be afraid to experiment with modern blues, like baby blue, cobalt, royal or electric blue. Keep it light or smear it on your lids.

Source: Allure

9) Edgy Braids

Single braids are back, but we aren’t talking about the boring kind. These new braids allow you to channel so many different styles from boho to bad-ass. We’re loving the no-part single braid. All you have to do is slick back your locks and tease the hair on the crown of your head.

Source: Vogue/Fashionisers

10) Dewy Skin

Who doesn’t want perfectly glossy skin? While matte lipstick may still be in, our skin is doing just the opposite. Dewy skin makes you look healthy and gleaming without looking greasy. On moisturized skin, use a matte primer. Next, use a lightweight, illuminating foundation over the primer so makeup will go on light and smooth. Use a peach cream-based blush for a naturally flushed look, and finish off with an illuminating powder all over your face to set your look.

Source: Beauty Bay


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