JessicaBielWord of the Week: Ombre [Ohm-bre]

A fancy word for a hair coloring technique where the color goes on darker at the root and then fades into lighter and brighter highlights on the mid-shaft and ends. Note: Ombre hair color should NOT leave you looking like your roots have grown out. The key to getting this trend right is making sure the deeper shade at the root is soft and gradually bleeds out.

NickiMinaj“The great thing about ombre is, it can be subtle and natural or bold and brazen,” says Marisa Moon of NYC’s Sam Brocato Salon. But let’s be real. Unless you’re like Niki Minaj (right) and performing in front of thousands of fans, if you take this style too far, no one will take you seriously. Instead, follow the lead of stars like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and SJP, who rock gorgeous ombre highlights.

Wondering if you’re a candidate for this popular hair trend?


According to Moon, ombre is right for you if you…

1. prefer low-maintenance, natural looking highlights (ombre highlights grow out beautifully and are virtually maintenance free).

2. are bored with solid, dark hair and want a boost of color without a total commitment to highlights.

3. have always wanted to be blonde but worried the traditional all-over blonde highlights would make you look washed out.

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