img_2538While everyone is talking about what songs Phish did or didn’t play during this weekend’s shows at Alpine Valley, I got hooked on something else. I left the concert with a new appreciation for the band’s musical prowess, a beaded necklace—and a boatload of material for Beauty Don’ts. Phish fans may be loyal and committed to spreading warm fuzzies, but when it comes to grooming, they need some tough love. phish70bf8400970b-320wi Among the balloons and glow sticks floating through the crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if lice were also hopscotching from one set of dreads to the next. The biggest Beauty Don’t: Dry, Mangled Hair. It’s understandable that after all the bouncing around at the concert, most fans leave looking like they’ve been through the dryer. But, what about a wash?! It’d do a lot of Phishheads’ heads good. Beauty Do: Clean, shiny hair. The clean part is self-explanatory. Any shampoo will suffice. The shine component is where I come into play. For hair that’s dull, brittle, tangled, frizzy, or, in a nutshell, hardly picture perfect, a little drop of Moroccanoil ($39) is your magic potion. oilsl500_aa250_At the heart of the earth-friendly formula is hydrating Argan oil as well as other proteins and vitamins that your mane will sop up. Stylists are obsessed with it because it makes their jobs easier. The oil, which isn’t greasy, protects strands from hot styling tools, adds vibrancy to colored-treated hair and softens and smooths hair texture to make blow-drying a cinch. Now it’s your turn to try. I just can’t promise you won’t get addicted. *Tip: To determine if your hair needs some conditioning, wrap it in a bun and tuck in the ends. If your locks slip out, you’re golden. If the bun stays in place on its own, break out the Moroccanoil.

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