Fiber mascara isn’t new. I featured one of the first to launch on the Today show. Since then, this product category has become super popular, and we’ve seen a ton of brands launch their own version. People are fans because these formulas contain fibers that kind of look like tiny, fuzzy, black hairs, and they adhere to and blend in with your own lashes. The result is thick lashes that come darn close to the fullness of falsies. The look is a bit much for everyday wear, but it’s just what you’d want for an evening out. Lately, it seems one mascara, Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, is getting a ton of attention, so we decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about. If your eyes are sensitive, you’ll appreciate that the fibers in this mascara are made with all natural green tea leaves. Another perk is that it comes off with regular soap and water.


First, TBG intern Sammi, who was blessed with naturally long lashes, added one coat of her favorite mascara, Maybelline Falsies. She likes how it adds length and volume. As you can tell, one coat of the mascara (bottom picture) compared to no mascara at all (top) already does a pretty good job at adding even more length.

Next she coated her lashes with the Younique gel, which is like a primer. In the above photo you can see the difference between the right eye (mascara + gel) and the left (just mascara). 

Step 3 is adding the fibers. The trick to applying a fiber mascara is to do one eye at a time. Otherwise, the gel will dry before the fibers have a chance to adhere. Sammi started with her right eye, applying the gel and the fibers, and then she did the same process on her left.

The last step is to add another coat of the gel to lock the fibers in place.

Here’s the finished look! We love how the fibers transformed her lashes, and while it is a 4-step process, from start to finish this is hardly the hassle of falsies.

P.S. This mascara is only sold online. My friend Julie is a rep for the brand, so here’s her website in case you want to purchase:

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