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Every so often there comes a new product or accessory that editors devour. Right now, it’s Flash Tattoos. It’s pretty impossible to not see a photo of a trendsetter showing off hers on social media. These temporary tattoos are being worn as jewelery. We love how these glam, metallic designs look when they’re layered on the wrist like a stack of bangles. 

After seeing one worn as a necklace on a girl at a concert this summer, I immediately fell in love. I then browsed their Instagram account where there are hundreds of adorable photos of girls wearing their Flash Tattoos in the most creative and cute ways. I think that they are the perfect accessory, especially for anyone who thinks of herself as a "plain Jane" and is looking to add some edge. Each set of tattoos comes in 3-4 sheets of versatile designs, and they can last up to 6 days, which is impressive, considering that each set ranges from just $20-$30. I know that I will definitely be buying my own set of Flash Tattoos; they are perfect for those who don’t have the guts to get a real tattoo…like me.

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