Dermatologist Dr. Brandt’s skin care line has a solid reputation, so we wanted to see if his Pores No More Cleanser ($35) was worth the money. The formula contains Tree Oil, Willow Bark, and Salicylic Acid. These ingredients not only wash away dirt, they’re meant to control excess oil without drying out your skin and remove layers of dead skin to brighten your complexion. Beyond the formula, the experience of using this cleanser is pleasant. It glides on skin like a foundation primer, works into a rich lather and gives off a mild cooling sensation. After the first week of use, we noticed that our face was considerably less oily for more of the day. By week four, the pores and blackheads, specifically around the nose, were much less noticeable. We can’t say the face wash completely erased our pores (if only!), but we think the results are worth it.

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