When I was a magazine beauty editor in New York, I had a job description. My days consisted of pitching, writing and editing stories, attending market events where I’d learn about the newest beauty products before they launched, meeting with brands, etc. Lots of people held the position before and after I got there.

As a beauty blogger, I’ve been making it up as I go along. When I started The Beauty Girl, I was a freelance writer. Soon after, the tables turned, The Beauty Girl took over, and before I knew it, I was a full-time blogger. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a beauty blogger, I thought I’d share a day in the life. And if you’re curious about how to get started, comment on this post with your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer and help in any way I can.

Granted, this post reveals the more glamorous side of my job. To be honest, there are plenty more days when I’m working in sweats, doubting myself and feeling like that insecure cliche who compares herself to what everyone else is doing. I call it Blogger Envy. It sounds so highschool, but there’s a popularity contest in the blogging world. There’s always someone else who has more followers, a better design, prettier pictures, etc. And it’s also very cliquey. Being that I’m a mom and my nights at home with my family are precious, my social calendar doesn’t come close to other bloggers who are out every night networking and boosting each other’s presence on social media. It’s an overwhelming game. There’s always more I can do, which can be very discouraging…if you let it get to you. Of course I do, it’s easy to. But then there are the highlights like appearing on Today, traveling to Barcelona and having someone other than your mom tell you she’s a fan of the blog. I feel lucky that I’m my own boss and that every day brings a new possibility with new opportunities. Which brings us back to this day — a Thursday in November….

10:00am. The babysitter arrives, which gives me enough time to quickly change from my "mom" clothes into my "normal" clothes (FYI: "mom" clothes = things that don’t need to be dry cleaned). I don’t have to worry about doing my hair as my first work appointment is at the new Civello Chicago salon on North Ave. Civello salon is a household name in Toronto, Canada, and we’re the first city in the US to have one. They’ve invited me in to check out the space and get a haircut with the founder Ray Civello, who has traveled all over the world doing hair. Can’t complain about starting my work day with a cup of coffee and a cut!    

If you enjoy a massage, you’ll love this Aveda concept salon. During the shampoo I got a relaxing head massage that’s longer than most, and during the haircut, I was treated to a hand massage. Ray (pictured below) gave me a much needed chop.

12:00pm: Next up is lunch at Chicago hot spot Sienna Tavern. The MAC public relations team, who is in town from NYC to celebrate the launch of the new MAC Pro store on Michigan Ave, invited me and a few select media to an intimate lunch. Yum!

1:45pm: I’m off to a Personal Fragrance Consultation at the Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions fragrance counter at Nordstrom Michigan Ave. Here I meet the brand’s fragrance expert as well as the public relations manager, who’s in town from NYC. They introduce me to Mugler’s new fragrance collection that I wrote about here. The closest thing I can describe this experience to is a fancy wine tasting. I got to sniff and deconstruct the new scents, which all contained unique, unexpected note pairings. After inhaling the 5 aromas, I was asked to choose my favorite (I narrowed it down to Chyprissime and Over the Musk and ended up selecting Chyprissime for it’s individuality. It’s a blend of orange, oak moss, patchouli and pear. To finish off our meeting, I was gifted a bottle, which was its own performance. The perfume expert slipped on black gloves before handling the glass and then poured in the juice right in front of me. P.S. Nordstrom offers complimentary engraving so you can personalize the bottle, which I think makes for an elegant gift. (The perfume is $225; refills are $50).  

3:00pm: My final appointment is to get my makeup done at the new MAC Michigan Ave. store. When I arrive, I’m greeted by the public relations team and lead to the private studio in the back to get my makeup done by their talented pro artist Keri (keri1203 on instagram FYI). As I’m tended to for the next hour, we talk makeup trends, I learn some helpful application tips, and we even collaborate on future content for TBG. Click here to find out how we created the glitter lip I’m wearing in the photos.

4:00pm: I head home in a cab looking way better than when I left this morning. During the course of the day I’ve been treated to full hair and makeup, I’ve been fed, and I’ve been gifted a new fragrance and MAC makeup. Not bad for a day’s work! As for tomorrow, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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