crest whitestripsOver the last three years I’ve gone from being a casual coffee drinker to a daily drinker. Having two babies back to back has something to do with this. It started to show in my smile. So when Crest approached me to participate in their Crest 3D White challenge, I was in. I was put to the task to use the new Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit for two weeks. P.S. I’m giving one person a chance to win a box of these strips. Scroll down to enter!  

Already familiar with the older version of the strips (I used them on the days leading up to my wedding), I expected to see results, which I got. But, I didn’t anticipate how different my experience would be using the new and improved edition this time around. Whitening products can be uncomfortable to wear and messy to use (yes, some make you drool). But these strips, which you literally stretch before applying (see below photo) so they can reach more teeth, 30% to be exact, are so easy to apply.

I brushed my teeth and then put them on. I was able to get the top and bottom strips to cover practially all of my teeth. I could comfortably talk with them, and after about 5 minutes, I pretty much forgot I was wearing them. I wore them for an hour, which was perfect because I’d pass the time watching Homeland or whatever my show was that night, and then as soon as it was over, it was time to remove the strips. I peeled them off, rinsed my mouth and went to bed. That’s it! 

Going into this challenge I knew I had senstive teeth, so while it was asked that I wear the strips for two weeks straight, the key whitening ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) did create some sensitivity. That said, I am really happy with my results. I don’t have spots on my teeth anymore, I definitely notice that my teeth are shades whiter, and I didn’t even have to give up my latte. What do you think of my results? 



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