After sharing my personal story in Me and My Milk Duds, moms reached out to let me know they’re going through the exact same thing. They were also thankful I shared my experience because it seems as though no one talks about this issue. It felt good to know I’m not alone and that sharing my story actually meant something to someone else.

Other than that, my boobs haven’t done me any favors. However, my new bras have! Remember when I told you I actually had to stuff my bra before a TV segment to make my top look better/normal? That was the breaking point that forced me to accept that my old bras were never coming back. It was time to make the most of what I was left with post babies and go bra shopping.

When you’re such a small size, finding a bra you can fill out isn’t so easy because most stores don’t have them. However, all of my fears and insecurities were relieved when I walked into Intimacy, a boutique specializing in "bra fit stylists." I was paired with a stylist who listened to my situation and chose two bras for me to start with. The first one was a winner. It had a hint of padding and gave me a rounded shape that looked natural under a shirt. Finally, I felt like me again. The stylist then shared tips like how tight to make the straps (you should only be able to put two fingers between the strap and your skin), where the bra should sit on your back (below the shoulder blades) and even how often to wash it (after 5 wears) and how (hand wash in gentle detergent). Intimacy isn’t cheap. The bras start at over $100, but the steep price tag is worth every penny. I ended up purchasing two Marie Jo styles in nude and gray (shown in photo), and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. Most of all, they’ve transformed the way I feel and look in clothes.

Here are some of my other favorite bras I’ve discovered and added to my rotation: 

This Victoria’s Secret PINK Bralette is comfortable and comes in fun colors and patterns that look cute under a white shirt or peeking out of a loose dress.

Free People also has similar lacey styles like this one.

I love Cosabella bras. The quality is a 10 so you don’t have to worry about them stretching out. 

The Itty Bitty Bra company is devoted to smaller sizes. 

Do you have a bra that you swear by? 

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