Most people will try anything to fight aging — even if it’s in their sleep. Most people will try anything to fight aging — even if it’s in their sleep. There are the obvious tricks like use a satin pillowcase. It’s less likely to leave marks on your face, and it won’t snag strands when you toss and turn. Another is to teach yourself to sleep on your back. This helps prevent wrinkles because your skin isn’t getting smushed into the sheets.

I don’t do satin nor do I have the will to train for sleep. I’ve been relying on a hydrating oil, the few hours of zzzs I catch a night, and my god-given genes to grant my skin a pass. Then, I was gifted the Envy Anti-Aging Wellness Pillow at an event. It sat on my dresser for weeks, but one night before bed Jasper spit up all over my regular pillowcase. Too tired to change it, I threw the soiled pillow on the floor and grabbed the Envy pillow.

The minute I lay down, my cheek melted into the memory foam pillow. Instead of feeling pressure on my face, it was as if the pillow opened up to allow space for my head to sink. I also felt an immediate relief on my neck. I like a plush pillow, but oftentimes the thickness strains my neck. Somehow the Envy scores on all fronts. It’s not too hard or too soft or too thick. Pillows are very personal. For all of the things you can be picky about, the Envy comes out clean. Most important, I got the soundest night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I was so comfortably positioned, I woke up in practically the same place as when I first dozed off.

I didn’t have a single indentation on my skin when I woke, but it’s still too early to tell if this pillow really is anti aging. As for the wellness part, I woke up feeling rested, so I can definitely attest to that.

Would you try an anti-aging pillow?

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