Eau De Nous Perfume Here’s a scent to know about. And I’m not saying this just because it has a huge celebrity following (Demi Moore, Mila Kunis and Hayden Panettiere all own fragrances from the line) or because it’s really affordable. A 3.8 oz full-size bottle is $35 and the travel size (shown below), which I prefer because it has a no-spill roller ball applicator, is only $12.


Eau De Nous travel size fragrance

Eau De Nous isn’t over-thought or forced. It’s a series of simple, lovely aromas made by two sisters, Daya and Vally Fernandez, who created a series of scents reminiscent of their childhood. There are 4 in all: Gardenian Gift, which has notes of jasmine, orange and cloves; Bebe Breeze, a mix of rich floral tones like roses and lilies; Citrus Charm, a blend of mandarin and grapefruit essences; and Jasmine Joy, a marriage of honeysuckle, sandalwood and jasmine oil.

The perfumes are really wearable and casual enough for everyday. For summer I’m into Gardenian Gift. It’s quiet, floral, and fresh – just what summer should be.

P.S. Click here to contact the company for a free sample!

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