I’ve gotten plenty of pitches for products claiming to make you look younger and skinnier. But the latest one takes the cake; a new oral pill called Go Away Gray that claims to permanently halt and reverse the graying process. Can you believe?!

I couldn’t, so I went digging for more details. According to the company, their secret ingredient is Catalase. Catalase is an enzyme that counteracts the body’s natural production of hyrdogen peroxide, which is what bleaches our hair. Go Away Gray promises to increase Catalase levels and stop the graying process entirely.  

We turned to certified hair expert Dr. Robert Leonard of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to help us understand the general graying process and if, in fact, this pill lives up to its hype. Here’s what he had to say:

What actually makes your hair turn gray?
Melanocytes, which are cells that manufacture Melanin. Melanin is the pigment in the skin and hair that creates a dark color (such as with tanned skin and darkness of hair). When these Melanocytes stop producing the melanin, as future newly cycled hairs are produced, they contain less and less melanin, which is seen as non-pigmented hair (gray or white). 

Is it possible to actually get rid of your gray hair completely, or is altering the appearance of gray hair the best you can do?
Given that this research is only done in-vitro, to date, it really is very, very difficult to draw any conclusions as to whether this pill is clinically useful at all. Real double-blind clinical trials in human beings need to be done in order to determine its potential usefulness or efficacy at all. 

Do you think this could really work?
It may work. However, for thousands of years, “products” have been sold to consumers desiring the alleged claims of those products–most of which prove to not be at all effective. It’s the age-old warning of “buyer beware”! As with anything ingested into the body, I recommend that proper medical science be established because we just do not know if it is even effective, but more importantly, if it is potentially harmful.

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