I cheated. The first day I felt a tinge of guilt. However, I’m so smitten, I’m going public with my new love affair and revealing my latest find to all of you — Whoogas! Whoogas are the new Uggs. I never thought I’d find a boot I’d be more attached to than my comfy Uggs. Then again, I never thought I’d go blonde. Whoogas are made by an Australian company that uses Australian merino fleece. They look very similar to their competitors and ship directly form China just like major Ugg labels. So why my change of heart? When Whooga first contacted me to try out a pair, I was skeptical. I was happy with my Uggs (I’m not a commitment-phoebe who’s always looking for the next best thing). But, I indulged the offer and picked out a pair of the Short Gold Sheepskin Boots (shown above). I don’t like to think of myself as easy, but as soon as I slipped them on, I was sold. They’re lightweight and cushiony. Even if you wanted to wear socks, I recommend you don’t because the soft inner fleece feels like a blanket on your feet. And I have to say, they’re amazingly good looking. The brushed metallic finish gives them a stylish edge that has earned me so many compliments, you’d think I was wearing $600 designer shoes! I want to share the love so I’m giving 2 people the chance to win a pair of the $129 Short Gold Sheepskin Whoogas.

To enter to win, comment on this post with your shoe size, follow me on twitter (twitter.com/NPTheBeautyGirl) and RT this message.

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