There’s no beating around the bush: a bikini wax is as dreaded as a doctor’s appointment. You’re put in uncompromising positions (doggy style, anyone?) and your hair is ripped from your most sensitive parts. For these reasons, many women go into grooming hibernation as soon as it comes time to stuff their bikinis in the back of their drawers.Those days are over. I’ve been to spas and salons across the country in search of a wax experience that didn’t make me sweat. I finally found one at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Chicago. My lovely esthetician Mirela used a beeswax formula that’s exclusive to Elizabeth Arden Spas. It’s a fast-setting hard wax that doesn’t require the use of fabric strips, and she believes it’s the secret to making the bikini wax practically painless. Mirela’s precision and swiftness helped, too. If all else fails, pop a pain reliever 30-minutes before the appointment. Now you have no excuse to let yourself go wild. To find a Red Door location near you, click here.

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