Between sun, chlorine and sweat, summer can do a number on your skin and hair. It can weaken your locks, fade your hair color and create buildup. And the heat and UV rays can cause breakouts and damage your skin. To avoid these issues, watch my latest segment for FOX Weather. I share tips and products from key ingredients to look for to the best way to cleanse your face during this time of year.

P.S. This was not only my first time doing this show, it was my first time broadcasting live from my parent’s bedroom while they were in bed (it was an early morning segment). Scroll down for some behind-the-scenes photos and to shop the exact products I featured.

Redken hair treatment to strengthen hair

Anti Frizz Ionic Hair Dryer from the DryBar

To protect Blonde hair: John Frieda Purple Shampoo

Isa Lazo Toner

Waterproof Eye Shadow Stick

doTerra Lavender Essential Oil

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