diamond ringHave you heard the latest trend? Guys (actually, well-to-do men) are gifting their girls diamonds from Costco!

Before you huff and snuff, listen to this.

I know of a guy who bought a diamond ring for his wife on Costco.com. He’s not a cheap dude. In fact, he has a great job. He paid $1900 for the ring. Then took it to a jeweler, and it was appraised at $3400. Not a bad deal! The best part is that his wife is obsessed with it and says the new bauble sparkles even more than her engagement ring. Warming up to the idea yet? Just wait until you read this:

My very good friend was debating on what to do for his wife for her birthday, which also happens to be on Mother’s Day. This year, flowers just weren’t going to cut it. After hearing about the great experience our mutual friend had with the diamond ring (see above story), he decided to check out the jewelry on Costco.com. He expected to find cheesy options that would not meet his wife’s expensive taste. To his surprise, the designs were impressive, and a diamond tennis bracelet caught his eye. Usually a thorough researcher when it comes to purchasing a big-ticket item, he found the website incredibly easy to shop. All he had to do was select the stone cut, bracelet length and overall carat size, and he was able to pick out exactly what he wanted in minutes. He entered his credit card info, hit send and 2 days later the impulse buy arrived complete with stone certification papers. I’ve personally seen the bracelet, and it’s truly beautiful. He got extra points for this gift, and she’s been showing off her new bling.

If the idea of buying diamonds and toilet paper at the same store still doesn’t sit right, Costco says they do not compromise quality of the stones for the great price: they have gemologists that check every diamond to guarantee the clarity to be VS-2 (Very Slightly Included) and color to be I (Near Colorless) or better.

And it gets better. Once you say “yes” to your man, you can say “I do” with Costco.

wedding dressYou can literally get everything for your wedding (flowers, cake, alcohol) at superstore prices, plus you can plan your honeymoon there, too! The retailer recently launched “Costco Travel,” which is essentially a travel agency that helps you score deals on hotel packages and cruises. And I’m not just talking all-inclusive properties.

Oh, and let’s not forgot the most important component to your wedding day – your dress. Costco has an exclusive bridal line by designer Kirstie Kelly. The Kristie Kelly Signature collection features six different styles with classic silhouettes and quality fabrics like my favorite one for $900 shown here.The dresses range from $699 to $1,399 and are made in petite and plus sizes. The wedding gowns go on a “road show,” which means they’re at different Costco locations around the country at different times of the year. I would recommend making an appointment beforehand to ensure you get the attention you deserve. P.S. Click here for some great bridal beauty tips!

The next time you’re thinking of going on a Costco run, you may just want to send him instead.

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