You can cheat in the winter. Get lazy about shaving in the summer, and you’ll get caught. There’s nothing more embarrassing than an errant hair poking out of your bikini bottom. Maintaining smooth, hair-free skin on your legs, under arms, and bikini zone during swim season means you’re constantly replacing your blades. Or at least you should be because blades rust from continual exposure to moisture, resulting in nicks and cuts. Bikini Soft claims to understand this dilemma and sent us a sample of their Razor Saver Oil ($14.99), which is meant to keep your razor from corroding. 

The oil comes in a nail polish-like bottle and is really easy to use. After shaving, clean your razor with hot water and dry it with a clean towel. Once dry, apply the oil to the blades and the lubricating strips above and below the blades. Finally, snap the razor’s protective plastic back into place and store it for your next use. After trying this, we felt a noticeable difference in the smoothness of our follow-up shave, and to our pleasant surprise, we were able to use our razor for two weeks longer than usual. 

What’s your most annoying shaving issue?

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