In a game of word association, you would say “natural beauty product” and the first three words out of my mouth would be “inefficient,” “slimy,” and “basil.” My experiences with “natural” cosmetics, that are supposed to be healthier than their chemical counterparts, typically amount to a weirdly-textured potion of herbs that do nothing but offend my nostrils.

But these general blah sentiments have taken a bright turn in the not-so-blah direction. In efforts to cut some of the alleged unhealthy ingredients out of my beauty routine, I have been on the hunt for an alternative to my aluminum-based (active ingredient in almost all deodorants that has gotten some negative press) deodorant. My pits have met their match: The Healthy Deodorant from Lavanila Laboratories. It’s efficient, not slimy, and doesn’t smell like basil, of course. The stick is identical to the texture of your basic solid deodorant and it comes in several scents, including unscented. I’ve worn it through my everyday schedule and hot yoga classes and it passes the B.O. test with flying colors. For me, a truly great natural product looks, feels, and functions like a chemical product, but without all the potentially harmful ingredients. My new deo could have me fooled. posted by Cody

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