Rumor has it your body temperature rises when you’re pregnant. I’ve been waiting for that to happen for the past 3 months. It hasn’t! Instead, I’ve relied on cuddles from my hubby and two blankets everyone should know about to get me through this frigid winter. Like clockwork, when the sun sets I slip into my sweats and get ready to “nuddle” and/or “coz-e” the night away. While each blanket has it’s own benefits and features, both defrost my bones faster than a hot shower.

Nuddle blanketI discovered the Nuddle first. A few years ago, the creator, who works in public relations by day, emailed me about her new invention. For someone who is always cold — even in the summer — the idea sounded dreamy. It’s like the Snuggie in that its got arm holes, but if the Snuggie were a milk shake, the Nuddle would be a super duper shake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. The furry, non-shedding blankie is made with a plush fabric and has pockets built in for your feet so you tootsies always stay toasty. Genius! And, the company now makes Nuddles for kids and even babies. If my little bambino ends up taking after me, he or she will definitely be nuddling along with me.

Coz-E blanketThe latest love of my life is the Coz-E Electric Blanket. I heard about it while watching one of the morning shows. Within minutes I found myself clicking the “buy” button on the Urban Outfitters website. Since arriving at my door mere weeks ago, the Coz-E, which is complete with arm holes, has become a second skin. While it’s not as soft as the Nuddle, it’s got a major advantage — a remote control. I just plug in the long cord, lay back and pick from three heat settings while the glorified electric blanket gets to work.

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