If you were to catch me on any given day, my hair would likely be in a bun. Oh, the many reasons why I love to wear a bun…it’s comfortable, it’s a chic look that can be worn casual or fancy (I wore one for my wedding) and it’s the perfect solution for a bad hair day or if you want to skip a wash. So when I got word about a new bun-making tool, the Goody Spin Pin (shown right; $5.99 at drugstores), I had to try it for myself. The last time a hair gadget caused this much chatter was when bumpits launched. If you’re at all familiar with bumpits, which were made so people could create big hairstyles like Snooki’s poof, you can understand why I may have gagged a little at the thought of another hair gizmo surfacing. Goody Spin PinDare the Spin Pin enable Americans to get cheesier? Well, to start, I was impressed that it comes in two colors (brunette and blonde) and that the peeps at Goody claim these two corkscrew pins are as effective as 20 bobbi pins. To see what it’s all about, here’s a very homemade video I created with the help of my brother-in-law David (camera man) and nieces (on-camera models). The video may just be the cheesiest thing about this whole post! Enjoy.

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